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The Virus: Week Twenty-Four

Continued from The Virus: Week Twenty-Three

The day after that, two enormous wildfires were visible from the back window. The day after that, mailboxes and USPS sorting machines are being removed around the country. The day after that I saw an ad for a new TV show: “Love in the Time of Corona.” The day after that the heat and smoke and humidity made the air almost unbreathable. The day after that I went out for an early morning walk to beat the heat and saw that someone had slapped a TRUMP 2020: MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN bumper sticker on the window of my car; this was the same day it was announced that the Trump administration has finalized plans to reopen the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. The first-ever virtual Democratic National Convention started on screens across the land. The day after that, heading out early in the morning again to beat the sweltering heat, I saw a woman in a mask park her car outside of a nearby house, and a man came out of the house, hunched over in grief and pain, and I saw the woman in the mask hugging him as his body shook with sorrow, and neither one spoke a word. On TV people in masks from all the states and territories proudly took part in the DNC roll call from their home states and territories. The day after that we saw Kamala Harris accept the Vice Presidential nomination in a mostly empty arena; when she finished her speech, applauding people popped up on a wall of Zoom screens behind her, and then she and Biden stood together on stage, waving triumphantly to an almost empty room.

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