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The Virus: Week Twenty-Three

Continued from The Virus: Week Twenty-Two

The day after that was the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Several students returning to reopened schools who posted photos of their crowded hallways have been suspended. The day after that all of the reporting is about schools starting to reopen across the country, and about how unprepared schools are for safe reopening, and about how deadly it will be now that schools are being reopened around the country.┬áThe day after that we find out that my nephew has contracted the virus at work, and then we find out that my niece has contracted the virus, which makes three family members the virus has found so far. The day after that and the day after that I’m looking at all the news about students who are getting sick from the virus, and many schools haven’t even reopened yet. The day after that, Joe Biden announces Kamala Harris as his pick for running-mate; a cheerful photo of the two of them in masks is shown. The day after that I discover that I am tired of tracking the number of weeks thinking about this virus, and worrying endlessly about what other death and destruction it will cause, and how much longer we will all have to endure it, and all the things we will still have to endure when and if it ever goes away for good. We’re living through the heat that people kept saying would crush this virus, but the heat won’t stop this virus, just as nothing seems to stop our collective stupidity.

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