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The Virus: Week Twenty-One

Continued from The Virus: Week Twenty

The next day was July 23, a Thursday. This would have been the day that Comic Con was scheduled to start, but now 100,000 would-beconvention-goers are instead watching panels on their phones and trying to order the newest limited edition Funko releases. In every store and every public space, you can always find someone who has been forced by the store to wear a mask and decides to wear the mask on their chin or maybe on their mouth, but never on their nose, and every single one of these people is a middle-aged man. I find myself glaring at them more and more, and my rage is unabated. By the next day, Trump is threatening to send 60,000 more federal troops to US cities¬†to injure, kidnap, and detain peaceful protestors. The day after that I try to avoid thinking about all of this anymore. But on the following day the FDA has expanded the list of poisonous hand sanitizers that all of us should avoid. The day after that, Major League Baseball games stop again, just four days into their reopening after months of preparations and special quarantine conditions, because several players have already tested positive for the virus. The day after that, Tennessee is reporting its first middle-school case of the virus six whole days after reopening, and Trump’s new favorite TV doctor says that sex with demons will make you sick. The next day, Representative Gohmert, who often refuses to wear a mask, tests positive for the virus.¬†Autumn and the traditional school year are approaching and there are 150,000 dead Americans and still there is no urgency, no clarity, no intelligence, and no plan.

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