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POST #23 :: “The Glacial Erratic”


Carving, carved, a cold rope tied fast to earth’s flesh,

the great artery of ice pulls toward conclusion.


Against ice, earth’s crust cracks, torn, shorn of shale, mountains

shiver, plates astride planet concuss. From bedrock a great

granitic extrusion, plucked, uprooted, struck

and spalled, ancient busted slab of stone

swallowed up, enveloped, a bolus in its ice cocoon


tossed into movement, ice currents throw fine

sprays of glacial till, on past hills and crags, the nested

stone in its sheath slides down to the purling water, where the

quick whale’s back catches sun-glint below

the whipped wings of a curious bird.


Lifted, carried, floated far afield, firn-floated chrysalis,

orphan stone, ablated, abject, awkwardly hanging in ice and

air above water, achieves its edge, the great mountain of ice,

calving, with a roar pours itself into the sea,


a boom to wake a kingdom, brutal to fish and

fowl, its fragments, crashing, dunk, plunge, and rise,

bobbing as continents can seem to, lapped and lashed by

wind and wave, carried slowly south across horizon’s curve,


tasting salt and sun, tide-scoured, tossed and spun, bright blue-white

diminishing under speckled sky shadowed by companion cloud,

warming, melting, drift edges drip melt and drop, dropping,

the floor of its cold cocoon thins, gives way, the stone

finds its gravity, evacuates.


Far from every shore it drops from the floe, falling

plumb, tumbling down the dark sea, skimming past schools

of fish, cutting behemoth’s cries, descending to depth and dark,

a line pulled taut to earth’s core, making the demands a

falling mountain makes. The ice atop,


exposed, expires, dissipates, its meandered melt mapping

a world of surface-work and wear, while the great stone

describes its rugged axis, a pinprick, like yours, faint and fair,

against the world’s flat and distant heart.

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